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Workers retrieve remains of fourth and fifth deceased wild elephants

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Workers retrieve remains of fourth and fifth deceased wild elephants

tewit kemtong




BANGKOK (NNT) - The retrieval of remains of wild elephants that fell to their deaths at Heo Narok waterfall in Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Nayok province was conducted on the eleventh day.


The remains of the fourth and fifth deceased elephants were retrieved by workers who traveled on foot over difficult terrain to get to the remote waterfall, after they had buried the remains of the third deceased elephant.


Wichai Phornleesaengsuwan, head of the task force appointed to retrieve the remains of the deceased wild elephants at Heo Narok waterfall, has a team of officials on alert for changes in the water currents upstream which might result in harm to the retrieval team. Strong currents have already caused difficulties in the retrieval of the remains in such a deep ravine.


Meanwhile. officials have collected ecological data and have begun to install camera traps in the area where the retrieval is being conducted. The head of the task force has instructed all workers to conduct the retrieval with great care to ensure the safety of all the participants.



-- © Copyright NNT 2019-10-20

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