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Seeking advice re first trip to Phanom Rung


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I'm planing for a visit Phanom Rung and have a question here for all area experts: is it better to use Buriram as base or Na Rong is more practical? From what I could see online, the latter is more or less a junction of highway and main street, pretty barren looking, though closer to the temple. I want to do the trip at a leisurely pace, to soak in the atmosphere so to speak so I'm intested in checking out the town after a day at the temple... So basically my question is is Buriram worth spending sometime hanging around in? I also plan to see the Meung Tham nearby. Any advice and tip would be much appreciated? Thanks in advance.

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Stay in buriram. Get a car and driver, leave at 8....by 3 pm you will be done. Well done. Ready for the pool. It's hot out there. And lots of stairs.

Seriously both are small venues. Figure 2-3 hours at each one.

I just was there Saturday. Great pic day.

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