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Survey finds two-thirds oppose military spending

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Survey finds two-thirds oppose military spending

By The Nation



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Nearly two-thirds of citizens want the government to spend more on health and social security, according to a recent Super Poll survey.


Assistant Professor Noppadon Kannika, director of the Super Poll Research Centre, said 1,069 people were quizzed about the budget for fiscal 2020 currently before the House.


He said 65.9 per cent felt a greater share of the budget should be allocated to health, while 64.9 per cent believe more should go to education, 59.8 per cent to job provision and another 59.8 per cent to security in the quality of life.


Less support was expressed for spending on national security (54.8 per cent), transportation and road repairs (50.8 per cent) and small-medium business promotion (48.2 per cent).


Asked about their political leanings, 67.2 per cent of respondents said they were “in the middle”, feeling that both government and opposition are doing poor jobs.


Nearly 17 per cent support the government and 15.9 per cent support the opposition.


Noppadon called the poll results “interesting”, particularly the fact that support for the government was only 1 per cent higher than that of the opposition and the one-in-five objections to high spending on the military, police and other security agencies.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30377583



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If the military budget were cut, how does Thailand patrol the 4,800 kms land border with three of Asia's most notorious drug producing countries and the 2,700 kms coastline, leave it to the BiB perhaps? And as I recall it was less than ten years ago that mortar rounds fired from Myanmar were landing in the market at Mae Hong Son plus the Cambodian border dispute was only five years ago, I mean, this is not exactly Europe.

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8 minutes ago, yellowboat said:

Do the military conscripts patrol those boarders?  How many of those in uniform actually patrol the border?  Those skirmishes you mentioned were just that.  How many men and how much money are open to debate.  The conscripts are not needed.  That is a good place to cut.

I don't know whether conscription is a good or bad thing, my sense is that it's a good thing but that's not really the issue here. The issue is budget and security...yes, conscripts do man posts at borders and check points on roads leading to borders, if you have ever traveled near the borders you would know this.

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