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Geeky robber sought after 600,000 baht gold shop heist


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Geeky robber sought after 600,000 baht gold shop heist



Thai caption: Lone gold shop robber


Police are looking for a presentable young man in glasses after he stole 600,000 baht in gold jewelry from the Yaowarat Asia gold shop in front of Tesco Lotus Wang Hin, Bangkok, on Sunday morning. 


He had arrived on a Yamaha Fino and parked outside and entered the shop asking to look at gold.


He grabbed some and made for the door but staff automatically locked it. 




He said that he was only joking.


Then he vaulted the counter and grabbed 24 baht weight in necklaces and seeing as he seemed to have a weapon in his waistband scared staff activated the door and permitted him to escape. 


He drove off on the bike - that had no plates - in the direction of the Lat Prao - Wang Hin intersection. 


Chok Chai police are investigating. 


They have clear images from CCTV of a presentable young man, rather geeky looking in glasses. 


Source: Sanook




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