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BOI 600,000 Baht Capital Questions

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I'm interested in applying for the BOI Smart-S Visa (2 year)

One of the requirements is
"3.  Having a deposit of no less than 600,000 Baht or equivalent in a bank account in Thailand or in the country of his/her nationality or residence, which has been held for at least 3 months."

QUESTION: In the USA,  I have way more than that sitting in my Fidelity Stock Portfolio in an S&P500 fund untouched for the past 4 years. Can this count for the BOI requirements? Or do I need to quickly liquidate the 600,000 baht into cash and let it sit for 3-months in order to qualify?

thanks in advance


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I assume you applying under this category "SMART S ( Startup )".

I suggest you contact them about the what the equivalent can be. I think it has to be liquid assets you can use easily if needed and with proof it meets that requirements it will be accepted.

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