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Proposal for all cars and motorcycles to have GPS by law - "Big Brother" storm brewing

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9 minutes ago, AhFarangJa said:

However, all politicians, armed forces generals and above, and Police Officers will be exempt.............on the grounds of National Security.



privately owned is the key to this article.

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I'm guessing someone's brother, or maid, owns a GPS manufacturing plant. 

Someone just invested in a GPS device company.   The logic is flawed. Criminals won't install a GPS, just as criminals wont do TM30, so it will not affect crime.   These idiots can

Anyone using a smart phone already have this...

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Does anybody analyze the already existing GPS data from the mobile phones from people who are involved in accidents?

That would be a good indicator if this data helps.

And of course it should be easy to find all those running and driving away from accidents.


But obviously all this would require lots of work and no extra revenue and no commissions... 


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