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Proposal for all cars and motorcycles to have GPS by law - "Big Brother" storm brewing

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I'm guessing someone's brother, or maid, owns a GPS manufacturing plant. 

Someone just invested in a GPS device company.   The logic is flawed. Criminals won't install a GPS, just as criminals wont do TM30, so it will not affect crime.   These idiots can

Anyone using a smart phone already have this...

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43 minutes ago, Misterwhisper said:

And why would GPS devices help reduce crime? Has it occurred to the good minister that criminals out on a spree might simply turn OFF their device?


tut tut farang tink too mut again.


thai criminal not that smart.



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1 hour ago, webfact said:

He said that if all vehicles had the technology then the DLT would be able to monitor speeds. 

This is the real story no one is talking about. They want a system to automatically send you a speeding ticket every time you go over it. And they will justify it as road safety.


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How many vehicles already have traceable GPS installed and the owners have no idea? 

My wife's 5 year old CX5 came with it, hardly a top end car, sure many others already have it?

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1 hour ago, DLock said:

These idiots can't get 50% of people to wear helmets or fix brake lights...how they going to enforce a 3,000 baht GPS system.



"...how they going to enforce a 3,000 baht GPS system".

They're not, obviously, it's just an "investigation into a possibility, subject to it's not impinging on our rights".

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