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Proposal for all cars and motorcycles to have GPS by law - "Big Brother" storm brewing

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I'm guessing someone's brother, or maid, owns a GPS manufacturing plant. 

Someone just invested in a GPS device company.   The logic is flawed. Criminals won't install a GPS, just as criminals wont do TM30, so it will not affect crime.   These idiots can

Anyone using a smart phone already have this...

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1 hour ago, AhFarangJa said:

However, all politicians, armed forces generals and above, and Police Officers will be exempt.............on the grounds of National Security.

Ironically enough, that would actually be the case if the proposal ever became law, just as happens here already with vehicle registrations of people holding those senior positions and it happens in the west also in most countries.

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Calm down. Given the abysmal maintenance of speed cameras here, I can't see their issued GPS's staying functional for very long.

So what are the authorities going to do when the GPS battery runs flat?🤣

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Bloody hell.

This is a totally stupid idea. 

People wont fit them for 3,000 baht if they don't already register and insure their bike. 

Where will they get the thousands of staff to monitor and administer the GPS. 

The police dont monitor the roads now, and that would drastically reduce the road toll. 

I was told by police spokesperson that their priority is to make motorists happy, not enforce the law. 

Just look at the posts on Line, by the traffic police. Fixing flat tyres, lights on motorbikes, replacing windscreen wipers for free. They are not jobs police should be involved with. 

They see motorists and motorcyclists break the law, but their attitude is " mai pben rai" never mind. 

I have stopped a number of police motorcyclists and reminded them, they should be wearing a helmet. 

Mai pben rai, or sorry is their reply. 

They just dont take road safety serious. 



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I won't prevent accidents probably create more, while everyone including the vehicle driver is looking at the GPS screen, I shudder when I see stuff of this nature it gives the idiots running the asylum in Oz idea's, even China would be impressed.

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What a pile of BS! Police are unable or more truthfully unwilling to get underage kids off bikes, let alone wear a helmet or follow road rules! GPS for all vehicles is the greatest piece of hairbrain ideas I’ve ever heard of! Time to get some real experience running transport, TAT, Thai Airlines and many other portfolios!


And finally give police the power authority and direction to POLICE!

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