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Proposal for all cars and motorcycles to have GPS by law - "Big Brother" storm brewing

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I'm guessing someone's brother, or maid, owns a GPS manufacturing plant. 

Someone just invested in a GPS device company.   The logic is flawed. Criminals won't install a GPS, just as criminals wont do TM30, so it will not affect crime.   These idiots can

Anyone using a smart phone already have this...

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47 minutes ago, Just Weird said:

Seems you got that one wrong also.

I think that you are the one who is wrong.


27 minutes ago, chainarong said:

I won't prevent accidents probably create more, while everyone including the vehicle driver is looking at the GPS screen, I shudder when I see stuff of this nature it gives the idiots running the asylum in Oz idea's, even China would be impressed.

I think that they mean a GPS tracker device.


https://try.cartrack.co.th/fleet-management-system-en/?utm_campaign=934314674&utm_source=google&utm_keyword=%2Bgps %2Bvehicle %2Btracking %2Bsystem&gclid=Cj0KCQjwrrXtBRCKARIsAMbU6bHuSVWbW4-oskYR23STzz3Rk_QYsC0s7JF02wgeegqIW5UMZwcpRqsaApyREALw_wcB



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8 minutes ago, DavisH said:

How many millions will this "committee" get for investigating an idea that is NOT going to fly. And they bloody well know it. 

I am doubt their intellectual capability to understand that.

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15 minutes ago, ddotmark said:

All Falang must have GPS on their motorbike or motor vehicle

I don't care; I'm always on my MTBike ..


But what is incredible is this bewildering bad faith of the Thai leaders.
it has been 70 years since the Germans used the tachograph in their industrial vehicles;
50 years it is mandatory on all vehicles over 3t 5 in France (trucks and coaches);
Why not use these materials that have been proven for decades?

I give you the answer: it's not something invented by a Thai so it's c.rap.

It will never happen, the Thai police have never been trained in the Highway Code;
We must recast everything and especially invent everything here;
it is not tomorrow the day before that there will be fewer deaths on the roads of Thailand.

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4 hours ago, webfact said:

Saksayam told Springnews that the cost of GPS is cheaper these days coming in at around 3,000 baht with a 300 baht operating cost. The cost is coming down all the time and would need to do so. 

He must have done the math and seen they come out cheaper than indolent cops.

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