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Proposal for all cars and motorcycles to have GPS by law - "Big Brother" storm brewing

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I'm guessing someone's brother, or maid, owns a GPS manufacturing plant. 

Someone just invested in a GPS device company.   The logic is flawed. Criminals won't install a GPS, just as criminals wont do TM30, so it will not affect crime.   These idiots can

Anyone using a smart phone already have this...

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The whole world has gone mad.

The entire S.E. Asian region is running on the new Chinese communist system.

This is where total control equals massive wealth for the few mental dictators who have all the guns.


The western mind does not tolerate or compute this due to having had a decent education and encouraged to think for ourselves.

When you are brainwashed from the womb you just go along with the rest of the "sheeple".

Never question anything or anyone is the way here.

The educated masses of Hong Kong with money are already bailing out to pastures new. They can't fight Xi and his boys.


Forget vehicle GPS trackers, just fit everyone with ankle bracelets that would even show where people are walking or riding on buffalo carts.....



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The BiB cleanout would be complete with this scheme. All they'd have to do is sit at their roadside bank and watch a computer monitor which would indentify every car coming in their direction over the speed limit. No more pleading for a "cup of coffee". And, will this country ever be free of the Chidchob brains trust? Idiocy runs deep.

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RE - He was quoted as saying that while the proposal may have some negative impacts for the people, they would accept it if it was for the common good. 


* ... and the first to fail to enforce it and at the end annulled as the history tend to repeat itself ... :thumbsup:

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