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Large contingent of police waiting to arrest "no work permit" French pensioner in Samui

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A large contingent of police waiting to arrest a poor 72 year OLD Frenchman. When asked why so many police were required Gen Sompong said, we needed many officers as we were scared the OLD man wo

He did not mean ‘poor’ in the sense of ‘no money’, but in the sense of ‘deserving sympathy’ (the Frenchman is 72 years old, after all).   https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/

Can you spot the real criminals in that photo...

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4 hours ago, Neeranam said:

Please explain why this criminal is poor.


Let me guess, you didnt read the original article as you have no time to learn to read Thai.

I read the article. You're right; it does not say the Frenchman lacks financial resources. But colinneil clarified what he meant already. The article just says he was working for a company. NaewNa didn't name the company, just said he was on a "management committee" or board of directors, if you prefer. 


I laughed when saw how NaewNa transliterated the guy's middle name, Georges, pronounced "Jaw-guess." 😂

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Corrected factual error.
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4 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Is there a statistic how many local criminals the Samui police arrested recently?

Or are all Thais on that island following all the laws all the time?

Hmm,...never heard of criminals arresting themselves or there family members !?!?

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1 hour ago, Neeranam said:

70 ain't old these days.

Should El Chapo be treated lightly as he is a pensioner?

Doubt he would have needed a "pension" from any government even the ones he owned.

I was certainly not considering 70 as old, but seniors vary greatly in health, mental ability, cognition. 

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35 minutes ago, Ebumbu said:

70 years old. That must suck. I hope he has resources, can recover quickly, and reboot elsewhere. 

There are consequences for decisions we make.

He chose to break the immigration laws, has been caught and now has to take responsibility for his choices

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6 minutes ago, Scot123 said:

Mr R. And you still can't see, are you so blinded? Again it was morally wrong what the police did and so unjustly xenophobic "racist" and you can't see it. Not one post has said he should not be punished for breaking the law as should people who drop litter. I think you are the type of person who quickly jumps to retort of "if you don't like it leave" and "your a guest" or other stupid retorts. It is not wrong to expect the same justice and treatment as Tbais get in Thailand. To try and justify what the police did to this old boy is just so morally wrong I feel sad for you. 2 police would have been enough and not being publicly humiliated by being paraded in front of media with cameras flashing like a mass murderer or the arrest of Ronnie Briggs (he was actually treated with more humanity). Let's hope 6 vehicles don't pull up to your home full of armed police to arrest you for being reported for dropping a bit of paper in the street. Cameras and media in tow. Have a nice life. 

They arrested a law breaker, you are the one who is making "moral" judgements here, about the police behaviour about which you have no first hand knowledge.


We have no idea how he was treated, what they said to him, how he has been treated, but you seem to want to equate this to YOUR trauma, which has no bearing on this man.

I am sad that your trauma remains with you, and colours your point of view, and gives you the ability to pass judgements on others about whom you know nothing at all.

I justified NOTHING that is your incorrect interpretation, but you are entitled to your own opinion.




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7 hours ago, RotBenz8888 said:

Was he picking up friends at the ferry?


7 hours ago, worgeordie said:

It's said he was at the Airport,most likely running a

illegal guest house,or maybe some other serious offence🙄

regards Worgeordie

Think this is a follow up on this news topic. 


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