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Indian coastguard shoot at Thai tourist boat as it enters India’s waters

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That must have been a very very big dive boat to carry 30 divers, divemasters/marshals, boat crew and all diving gear. The logistics of that would be more than a challenge. Sure they weren't Burmese passengers hope to get to India?

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probably just still upset about being ripped off on walking street last month.

Some serious information missing from this story. Had the vessel entered Indian waters around the Nicobar Islands. Cannot locate Leo island. Indian territory is a long way from Ranong. 

stand by tubes one and two. Fire!

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It must have been a dive charter boat without permission. In Indian (Andaman) and Burmese waters (I have been to both) the military patrol vessels contact every vessel they see and make radio contact prior to onboarding for checking of permissions. 


I assume the Thais either ignored the radio or did not turn it on.


On "Leo" island, my guess would be a mis-understanding on the Thai media or dive boat part in terms of language. I would guess they were near the Cinque islands in the south. Cinque - Singh (Thai for lion).

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