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No sign of asbestos in Johnson’s Baby Powder in Thailand: FDA

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No sign of asbestos in Johnson’s Baby Powder in Thailand: FDA




Supattra Boonserm


Johnson’s Baby Powder in Thailand is not contaminated even though the manufacturer, Johnson and Johnson, recalled the product in the US, Supattra Boonserm, vice secretary-general of Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA), said on October 18.


Last week, the US FDA had warned consumers that 0.00002 per cent of asbestos was found in a sample product selling online, prompting the company to recall the products immediately.

“The Johnson and Johnson product being distributed in Thailand has been checked by the FDA and found to be safe,” Supattra said.


Talcum powder is normally made of talc, a clay mineral, in powdered form and is often combined with corn starch. According to safety standards, it should have no asbestos or other harmful substances.


“Talcum is used in many cosmetics, such as face powder, and usually sold with a caution to users,” she added.


The FDA official also said that her agency has always been on the lookout for asbestos contamination since 2009.


“So far, we have collected 113 samples of talcum powder to test and have found no contamination at all,” she said. “The FDA is also strictly monitoring all imports of talcum powder, especially baby powder.”


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30377656



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-10-22


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I have long ago stopped believing anything that comes out of the mouth of any government official, not only in Thailand. If asbestos was found in any talc product, it can be found anywhere in a talc product. DON'T breathe in while applying these products.

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The most disturbing fact in this case is that J&J has known since 1971 that its baby powder contains cancer causing asbestos.  Under USA FDA laws, manufacturers of personal care products must list all ingredients on its products labels.  However if the product contains an ingredient the company did not intentionally add, such as asbestos, it is under no legal obligation to list it on the label, remove it, or even warn anyone of the dangers!!


Recently 22 women with ovarian cancer won a US$4.69 billion lawsuit against J&J over the asbestos content in its baby powder.  And asbestos has been proven without doubt to be deadly and even has its own cancer signature, mesothelioma which can only be caused by asbestos.


This however is only the tip of the iceberg with scores of other everyday products containing equally nasty ingredients being sold by companies who have no moral compass while pursuing the almighty buck.


In my opinion. Thailand's FDA stating there is no sign of asbestos in the local product is as trustworthy as the govts declaration that there is no prostitution in Pattaya.





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7 hours ago, PETERTHEEATER said:

Oh no! Does this mean my baby could catch fire?


Long ago, in a galaxy far away we lived near an asbestos factory, Turner Brothers in Bickershaw. It was front page headlines when the factory burned down!


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