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90 Day report by registered mail questions

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Immigration (CW) received my 90 day report on 30 September(confirmed by tracking on line). I sent them stamped return envelope.

Nothing received yet and my date for renewal is 24 October.

so over 3 weeks since they received my report by mail.

In their instructions immigration say:
" waiting for reply mail over 1 month please contact immigration office with your registered receipt"


my questions:

1. How long are others waiting to get receipt?

assuming it does not arrive,

2. the 1 month is from the date they received my notification namely 30 September or 1 month from my report date?

3. Can  contact immigration be by phone or does it require me to personally attend immigration?


Thanks for any advice.


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You sent it to early for one thing. It can only be sent up to 15 days early and must be received 7 days before the report date.

Wait a bit longer to see if they held it until the 15 day before date.

You have 7 days after the report date (including it in the country) to do the report without being fined.


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Thank you for your reply Joe.

According to written instruction note I have from Immigration it reads:

"Your registered mail must be sent to the immigration office at least 15 days before the due date of notification".


This is a document written and prepared by Thai Immigration in English.


So are you saying that because I did not send it to them within a 7-15 day window I have failed to comply? And even though the Immigrations own instruction says it must be sent "at least 15 days before the due date of notification"?


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i think that is poor wording on the immigration website. Sending it few days more than 15 day before might be OK. But 24 days is a bit to much I think.  I think the intention was to mail it early enough for it to arrive 7 days before the report date.

If you have not gotten the return envelope with a disapproved note it might be they waited until it was a little closer to the 7 days before date.

You can wait it out a few more days or go by the rules and check with them 30 days after your report date.


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I used to do my 90 day report by mail because immigrations was located in Nakhon Pathom, 90 km from my home.    They usually took 3 to 4 weeks to get back.  But I always got them.

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