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Informant led to Brit dive instructor's arrest on Koh Lipe - he overstayed 5 years!

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On 10/23/2019 at 6:51 PM, friend of siam said:

well he show the victory sign....it might that he will stay in los much longer very much longer ...how ?

look 5 years are 365 times 5 comes to 1825 days one day overstay costs 500 bhat ( pls. correct me if I am wrong ) to the max of 20000 in top comes the fines for not reporting 90 days that makes 4000 each time...5 y are 20 reports equals 80000 bhat plus your ticket home..so roughly 200000 bhat otherwise you will stay in a cramped thai immigration cell indefinitely there you have to buy your own food because if u eat what they give you for free you will die of malnutrition or disease ...as a europaen very soon...




mr. british ..mr falang dreamers of all colours..thailand is only nice if u have money lots of money..here money talks louder than anywhere in the world..if you need help or done wrong ( thai definition ) u are in life threatening troubles in no time ..unless above applys means you have money plenty of money...

if you are a rohinga..a asylum seeker they will hold u as slaves use u river kwai style...

If they cant get the correct VISA then they shouldn’t expect charity and free handouts - Thailand is NOT Corbyn Britain!!!

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Another filthy grass!  Obviously a woman he's <deleted> off or a Thai who sees him as competition.  

Bad guys out is fine....but what about us good guys....why have they started to make things even more difficult

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The man - who performed a "V for Victory" gesture for the Naew Na cameras 

For as far I am concerned it is the sign used for Peace too, hippie style especially. I doubt he meant Victory with it. 
He knew the day would come and he at least leaves smiling but sure he is sad having to go. 

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