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Informant led to Brit dive instructor's arrest on Koh Lipe - he overstayed 5 years!

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Another filthy grass!  Obviously a woman he's <deleted> off or a Thai who sees him as competition.  

Bad guys out is fine....but what about us good guys....why have they started to make things even more difficult

Brit ups offer to 200,000

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37 minutes ago, 30la said:

Well done, this kind of people ruin the reputation of ALL the farangs in Thailand and cause the continuous modification of the visa laws!
I personally am willing to report anyone who is here illegally!

Unfortunately, a few bad apples ruin the whole lot. Immigration will get tougher.


If TM30 is not doing its job to detect overstayers, then abolish it.

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12 minutes ago, Tchooptip said:

"I personally am willing to report anyone who is here illegally!"

it is really ugly the small denouncement but common in the little people who are not ashamed because they do not know what nobility of spirit means🧐LOL


lol 'nobility of spirit', I doubt folks in the UK think people illegally living there are 'noble of spirit'

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