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Informant led to Brit dive instructor's arrest on Koh Lipe - he overstayed 5 years!

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Another filthy grass!  Obviously a woman he's <deleted> off or a Thai who sees him as competition.  

Bad guys out is fine....but what about us good guys....why have they started to make things even more difficult

Brit ups offer to 200,000

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36 minutes ago, bizboi said:

It amazes me how white and western people are so glad when this is done to their own people but so reluctant to do it to foreigners who commit the same offence!! Shame we can't do the same to the over 360,000 illegals in the UK!! But that would upset the lefties!!

They are not "my people" just because they come from the same region.

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5 hours ago, Scot123 said:

The same, same on here. Bad, bad farangs out but I'm good, good, good..... Really First overstay is not the crime of the century “Stupid" yes. Could there be more to the dive instructors story, most likely. Any dive professional back when I was an instructor on Kow Tow back in 2003/4 if I remember correctly will know what devastating damage a dodgie greedy thai visa agentcan do and will also know that work permits in the diving industry are as rare as rocking horse dodo so don't be twisted and nasty to people who do so much for thai tourism and as for 22 days overstay OMG = public humiliation. Why not bring the Stocks to all immigration offices where twisted and bitter farangs can purchase rotten tomatoes to throw and geer at any farang arrested with smugness and righteousness. I wonder how many of the righteous on here use agents to deal with their visas on here? Just remember you to are criminals "you are required to go to immigration in person". 

Were they both in breach of the law/rules? If yes, then sorry but no contest to your argument.


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