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Informant led to Brit dive instructor's arrest on Koh Lipe - he overstayed 5 years!

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Another filthy grass!  Obviously a woman he's <deleted> off or a Thai who sees him as competition.  

Bad guys out is fine....but what about us good guys....why have they started to make things even more difficult

Brit ups offer to 200,000

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3 hours ago, 30la said:

You have written a large amount of stupid "friend" of mine, I am willing to do it and I also tell everyone that I know, just for your information.
I have been here for 24 years, LEGALLY with visa and work permit and I do not like illegal!


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7 minutes ago, Scot123 said:

I think you will find most on here would agree break the rules and get deported...I am personally sick of how people on here attack any farang who makes relatively small mistakes or errors in life like a pack of rabid dogs tearing away at them. 

Make up you mind!  You mean like people who are here in the country illegally?

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9 hours ago, Sticky Wicket said:

Another filthy grass! 

Obviously a woman he's <deleted> off or a Thai who sees him as competition.


More likely another foreigner. Most thais wouldn't even consider overstay.as a revenge tactic


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2 minutes ago, Thian said:
38 minutes ago, Olmate said:

Think your pretty safe there behind that keyboard!

He's not hiding, you can google his name...

...and get the same result as when your name and mine is googled, i.e. nothing.

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2 hours ago, emptypockets said:

We really don't know the circumstances that led up to the grassing up. Maybe he was shagging someone's wife? Who knows? May be a thief or just a nasty piece of work and somebody decided enough was enough?

Why suggest that about him when your first four words confirmed that you know nothing about it?

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5 hours ago, 30la said:

Well done, this kind of people ruin the reputation of ALL the farangs in Thailand and cause the continuous modification of the visa laws!
I personally am willing to report anyone who is here illegally!

Your reputation must be quite fragile, mine isn't really affected. 

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2 hours ago, justin case said:

what about all the illegal lao, myanmar, cambodians living and working here, ILLEGALLY for years


not news worthy, right, but some farang with 22 days, lol

They get arrested and deported also, although some do get away with it, just as all the other farangs who don't get arrested and deported for living and working here illegally get away with it.

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8 minutes ago, richard_smith237 said:


Ok, so your distaste of the schadenfreude expressed by 30la is understandable, but your example presents an extreme lack of balance. 


Dropping litter is nothing like overstaying, especially for 5 years. 

Driving while drunk, IMO is significantly worse. 

Using an agent is not illegal. 


Anyone who wants to report someone who is harmlessly overstaying is clearly a fairly scummy person.

That said, the numbers of overstayers ultimately has an impact on us all with the crackdowns, TM30, TM28 and Visa-hoops. It could be argued that we are treated as guilty illegals until proven otherwise because of the behavior of these overstayers - so, is overstaying 'harmless' ???


I have no sympathy for an overstayer who's caught - they took their chance. 

Equally so I have no reason whatsoever to feel negatively towards an overstayer, but understand how and why some might. 






My statement was meant to be unbalanced to show the hypocrisy of "I will grass anyone breaking the law" attitude followed by "I'm scared of no one". I would disagree about using an agent as being illegal. First you are legally bound to make your application in person. Second please, please do not try to say having 800k bing placed into your account for 6 months untouched and 400k untouched per year is being done above board. People are being paid by these agents to facilitate the visa which again is illegal. There is also fact that a farang doing any job a Thai can do is basically illegal and just because it is not in forced doesn't make it not illegal. There are very few people I know or have ever known do not balance the gray area of law (while in Thailand I was very, very by the book "black or white" simple reason being beholding to the police for an extortion was not for me or even a minute in a Thai prison cell). I understand it is very hard to get work permits for diving instructors and used to be hard back in 2005 to get a work permit as a teacher. Over stay is stupid but hardly the crime of the century and yes I have known some who have done it over the years. As for your remark about blaming overstay for the persecution of all expats, surely your not that nieve? There is not that many many western expats on overstay a few yes and many find themselves in a catch 22 situation. 

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2 hours ago, friend of siam said:

well he show the victory sign....it might that he will stay in los much longer very much longer ...how ?

look 5 years are 365 times 5 comes to 1825 days one day overstay costs 500 bhat ( pls. correct me if I am wrong ) to the max of 20000 in top comes the fines for not reporting 90 days that makes 4000 each time...5 y are 20 reports equals 80000 bhat plus your ticket home..so roughly 200000 bhat otherwise you will stay in a cramped thai immigration cell indefinitely there you have to buy your own food because if u eat what they give you for free you will die of malnutrition or disease ...as a europaen very soon...




mr. british ..mr falang dreamers of all colours..thailand is only nice if u have money lots of money..here money talks louder than anywhere in the world..if you need help or done wrong ( thai definition ) u are in life threatening troubles in no time ..unless above applys means you have money plenty of money...

if you are a rohinga..a asylum seeker they will hold u as slaves use u river kwai style...

You are wrong, max overstay fine 20000 baht. Didn't bother reading past that. 

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5 hours ago, Scot123 said:

I understand it is very hard to get work permits for diving instructors and used to be hard back in 2005 to get a work permit as a teacher.

At a fuel station a thai man approached me and asked if i wanted to be a teacher on the school where his daughter is the director. 

I'm not a teacher and never will, i also won't work at all but to be polite i told him i don't have a work permit and also not an english nativ....no problem he said, my daughter take care of it...


Anyway, i politely thanked him and drove off.

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3 hours ago, transam said:

If immigration had more boots out there instead of sitting in offices waiting for folk to report, the message would get through.

As it is all the paperwork most have to do does nothing. Total waste of time.


Why are they not checking up on farang businesses and staff, if a farang business is legit there is no problem showing staff details...

Them business owners are advised to pay the monthly subscription to the powers that be every month to remain below the radar. Usually advised to do so after being caught cleaning a pool table or moving chairs around in the bar / business. 

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