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Italian expat on Koh Phangan arrested after 500 ecstasy pills sent to him in the post

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9 minutes ago, robblok said:

Proper E goes for far higher in Thailand, i once asked prices i was shocked. Really worth wile to import if you don't get caught. Not worth the risk for me dealers almost always get caught.

Cambodia...say no more..

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Who would send instant noodles to Thailand? That would raise suspicion immediately.

I mean its one thing getting drugs sent to your address, its another to already have 15g of meth there too.   5yr old daughter and wife, what a complete moron.    

Rather disturbing to hear that you could be arrested for something you receive in the post. Would make it unbelievably easy to set anyone up.

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16 hours ago, madmen said:

Easy to set anyone up. post drugs and tip off the bib. if the guy had no drugs already at home  then he could deny deny deny everything. Not easy to prove anything

Proof doesn't really matter in Thailand, I'm sure he would have been sent to the hông gong anyway!

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16 hours ago, giddyup said:

Not sure if ecstasy is readily available here. Make a killing at those full moon parties.

Yeah, he was probably making a killing. I assume he’s been doing this for some time already, either his luck finally ran out, or the local drug dealers needed to stamp out the competition. 

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