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Hi Guys, I just sent my METV application (London Embassy) off today, in my application, I included my flight details which shows a return flight within 60 days. Even though I just did it because I'm not sure when I'll be coming back so I just booked a full flex ticket within 60 days and then my idea was to just keep changing it. 


Was just wondering if this can affect if they'll issue me an METV (I met all the requirements and it didn't state on website proof of onward travel) or just give me a SETV.


Should I try to contact them to explain that I got a full flex ticket etc or just leave it?


(maybe I'm thinking too much)

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No. With a METV you get 60 day stay on arrival ( don’t forget the day you arrive is day one) You can extend that 30 days if you want in  country. Then with a METV you can go back to London on the 60 th day ( lets say ) and stay in London one or two weeks then come back to Thailand and stay 60 days again and then fly to London ( let’s say) for a week then come back to Thailand again for 60 days. The consulate will issue you the METV with a return ticket to London but next time you don’t need it. They don’t know your plans but it’s not uncommon for someone to return home in 60 days and come here again. 

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