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Changwat NAN

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You seem to have a very poor opinion of Nan and perhaps need to update your information.  I have friends who fly in and out of Nan regularly but I have not done so personally.  Does that mean my friends are lying?


You very conveniently shortened that quote to accommodate your perspective.  The meaning changes considerably when you do that.

"I would like to know if there are expats or pensioners who live or long stay in this area and what their opinion is about this area."


Anyway, in this modern age everyone seems to be entitled to their own truth.🙏

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Dear OP, you should also be aware that some people on this forum have been trying to sell their properties for some time, unsuccessfully. Would it be cynical of me to suggest that's why they are trying to talk things up?

For what it's worth, as I said before, I like Nan very much, and have a very good opinion of it. But my opinion, as someone who has spent more time there than anyone who has responded so far, and has more personal experience with the airport than anyone who has responded so far, is that it does not meet your stated requirements at all.

If you do chose to spend your time and money checking it out, I would be very interested to hear your own opinion. As I mentioned in my first post, March to May would be the best time to experience the heat and air pollution in its full glory, as attested by my co-respondents who complain about it every year (despite their coyness in admitting it).

Best regards.

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Rereading the OP I don't see where he has stated any requirements.  All he has asked for are some insights and opinions, which we have given.  His friends suggested Nan has great nature and good climate, something I think we can all agree on. 


In my opinion it is always more about the person than the place.  What one person loves, another will hate so what matters is what the OP thinks when he visits.  I would recommend now or before the end of the year, to see Nan at its best and get an idea of the upside.  You can always come back later in the year if you really want to experience the smoke.

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I see there was a thread on Nan last year that I missed while in hospital.

Like the current topic people agree to disagree but one contributor not only lives there but owns a business and is happy to discuss the locality by PM with interested people.


I see that my absence from the forum allowed it to run off topic.... :cool:




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Some people tried to sell their houses for a while? For what reason if i may ask?

because i read nature and climate is great.

Is it because of air polution? is it that bad?

Or are there other matters why people want to relocate


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I doubt anyone really likes the burning season but we find ways to manage it and have no desire to leave Chiangrai. Those with health concerns should probably weigh their health risks. 

Nature and climate are indeed great in my opinion. 

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we find ways to manage??????

so it is not that bad.

Better i have a look myself in the area of Nan and ank around.

if it isn't the dirty water of the ocean and rivers, its the air polution in many areas around the world.

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