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How to live with Isaan wife in respect of culture

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6 minutes ago, puchooay said:

Mistakes in thinking and talking already. Drop the words "Issan" and "Farang" when talking about husbands and wives. She is your wife. Simple. You are her husband. Simple too. To use words referring to nationality is, in my opinion, creating a stumbling block already.


Learn the language. Don't worry about the bar stool brigade that tell you Thai is useless in Issan as it is not. Kids speak it in school and Mum, Dad, Granny and Grandad listen to it on TV. You will get by easily with Thai.


Also disagree with asking your wife to sort all the problems. Fine to run it past her first to make sure you are not out of order but try to show that you are happy to communicate with the family and to sort problems out yourself. Respect works both ways.


I have seen and heard of so many expats who thought they were the dog's Bo%$#cks. Coming out with things like " I pay for everything so they have to do things my way". Even one guy saying " I built a wall around the house with a locking gate. If mother in law wants to speak she can ring the bell and my wife will meet her at the gate." If that is the way one thinks then time to turn around and go back to where you came from. It is a marriage the same as anywhere and should be treated that way. Regardless of back ground and financial standing you are now equal partners in a union. 

 Show them that you feel this way. If, and I only say "if" as there have been cases when things aren't what they seem, they are good people they will return that trust and respect.


This is the model that I followed and still follow. 21 years and still going strong.


Good luck.

Thank you. I take note of the ethnic definition and to drop it. To learn Thai is in my to do list.

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8 minutes ago, Vacuum said:
20 minutes ago, carlyai said:

I'd say try and live together for a few years first before you decide that this life and this person is the one.


Yes, be wise and don't hurry up things.

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