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Hotel prices slashed and quiet beaches, Phuket faces challenging high season

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...  ... really?! Well, good luck with them ... 

OMG! Why can they not just come out and say it, the high Baht and very bad reputation has and is causing this crisis not only for the big hotels but everyone who is connected in anyway to tourist inco

Because all of the people in power in Thailand have millions and millions of baht in the bank. They can reap the rewards of the inflated currency by buying investments and properties overseas at a hug

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17 hours ago, rooster59 said:

Mr Kongsak predicated occupancy room rates will hit 90 percent with tourists from Europe, Asia, Thailand, and even China still expected to visit in large numbers.


Yet a report earlier this week painted a different picture of what the near future holds for Phuket’s tourism industry.

Complitly normal;
on the one hand we have a big friend of the TAT and

on the other the reality that puts him a big slap ...:cheesy:


With that, Chinese growth is less than 5%; unheard of for 27 years!
It is likely that Phuket will not see Chinese tourists again for a long time.


The boat that sank a few years ago with 47 dead on board, all Chinese, will remain long years in the collective memory of the Chinese.

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1 hour ago, MRToMRT said:

Well I have been looking on Agoda and Booking.c and I cannot see any reductions. 

Not even on Chinese sites... 16-20 Dec One room, 3 adults (if want to compare)

phuket 16 to 20 dec 1 room 3 adults.jpg

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17 hours ago, rooster59 said:

While it was recognised that hotel room reservations in Phuket had been 10-20% lower so far this year compared to last, officials said this upcoming high season was expected to be as busy as ever.

So they will "slash the hotels prices" for what reason?

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3 minutes ago, neeray said:

40 million tourists !!!


Thais are apparently so concerned about losing face but TAT keeps toting this bogus number of tourists (actually arrivals) that everybody knows are FAKE.

I'd call that a pretty substantial loss of face.

 "It's dangerous to believe your own propaganda".

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