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Best sites/apps for finding apartments?

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I'm here in Thailand now and stay in airbnb but I'm about to go home to US. I'm looking to live here in the near future, and wondering what are the best apps/sites to find apartments/condo room? I want to live like a local that pays about 4-7k baht a month for rent

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40 minutes ago, madmen said:

Why?? Thailand wants cheap charlie farang out! 

What about your visa? 


i dont give a <deleted> about being a 'cheap charlie', im not a betabux. and i'd either do border runs, or get a job as im graduating in a year with a BSBA

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A friend of mine just moved here (to Pattaya from Bangkok).  He posted what he was specifically looking for in a FB real estate group

and within minutes several agents contacted him with deals that were better than anything I've seen listed on various sites and even in FB groups.  So that's what I'm going to do when I move next year. 

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