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Real estate firm surveys Hua Hin property market

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35 minutes ago, RobbyXNorway said:

Cant walk 10 meters without spotting a "For Sale/For Rent" sign here in Hua Hin. And empty buildings everywhere. Even stuff that seems buildt for thais stand empty in the outskirts of HH.


Know of a realestate business here in HH that has been open for well over a year now and not a single sale, even though they cut their take.


I know people here at the complex I live who have bought a condo but do not have a secure visa situation. Would be kinda awful to not be allowed to stay any longer in Thailand, and have an ownership of a condo you cant sell anywhere near purchase price.

Just out of curiosity...what do you mean by not having a secure visa situation?  I’m on an extension based on retirement (or whatever it’s officially called) with 800k in the bank...and even that doesn’t feel very secure.


If I do buy....a big “if”....I’ll take care of the agent...but they’ll have to beat the seller down on the price to what I feel is an acceptable level.

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