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Real estate firm surveys Hua Hin property market

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Some friends and acquaintances who bought villas in Hua Hin were very disappointed with the services from the farang real estate developper unfortunately. Work was not finished in time, poor foll

When I purchased my house (6 years back), they wanted me to do the transfer when the house was finished, but the road and pavement was unlaid and no grass in the garden. I refused, saying finish

Where are all the 'new' condos in Hua Hin?   I have seen or read about only 4 new developments in the past 12 months.   As for the Cha Am area, there seems to be 3 halted developme

35 minutes ago, RobbyXNorway said:

Cant walk 10 meters without spotting a "For Sale/For Rent" sign here in Hua Hin. And empty buildings everywhere. Even stuff that seems buildt for thais stand empty in the outskirts of HH.


Know of a realestate business here in HH that has been open for well over a year now and not a single sale, even though they cut their take.


I know people here at the complex I live who have bought a condo but do not have a secure visa situation. Would be kinda awful to not be allowed to stay any longer in Thailand, and have an ownership of a condo you cant sell anywhere near purchase price.

Just out of curiosity...what do you mean by not having a secure visa situation?  I’m on an extension based on retirement (or whatever it’s officially called) with 800k in the bank...and even that doesn’t feel very secure.


If I do buy....a big “if”....I’ll take care of the agent...but they’ll have to beat the seller down on the price to what I feel is an acceptable level.

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