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2019 Thanksgiving & Christmas Turkeys are here!

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Central Childom in BKK, and Villa Market Online, as well.

All fully pre-cooked in order to avoid the import restrictions on U.S. raw turkeys.


Central Chidlom freezer display case:



Frozen Butterball turkey breasts, fully cooked:



Butterball frozen whole turkey pricing:



Butterball frozen turkey breast pricing:







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Basically, I will prepare a few turkeys every Thanksgiving.
Preparing one month in advance is the best. If you buy a turkey near Thanksgiving, its price will rise.
Thank you very much.

Wish you a happy Thanksgiving in advance.



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I see that Sunrise Tacos sell the same turkeys, but considerably cheaper. I have ordered from them.


The only problem I foresee is that the turkeys are pre-cooked. It will be a little more difficult to make a good gravy.

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