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New control of you deposite money for OA Retirement Clause 2.22

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Ah! Ah! I still have to say nonsense 😂😂😂

The little document that was hung in my passport is very interesting

https://www.dropbox.com/s/uldz8bfjyp464oo/BOOKBANK REQUEST EVERY 90 Days to prouve financial balance.jpg?dl=0

So here is a non-trivial information that everyone knows but read well and I am sure that nobody knew
Visa long stay OA clause 2.22 or other extensions

So now you have to show your up-dated bookbank at least once a month to immigration every 3 months !!!
Here is how they proceed ???

As per immigration Police order 548-2019 27 Septembre 2019 

https://www.dropbox.com/s/aozgkgbdl9dwy77/ORDER 548-2019 27 Septembre 2019 Money criteria for OA.PNG?dl=0
on my visa it was added a mention in Thai red color in front of the 90 days Bookbank !!!
see picture  instruction 

https://www.dropbox.com/s/3r843xinvajd6et/Money control instruction insert in your passeport Book bank requested avery 90 days during TM47.jpg?dl=0

And as they are clever do not complain yet because it corresponds to your procedure visit TM47 notification 90 days you follow .... 😉

This is valid for the family visa (clause 2.18) (Thaiwife or others)

For the case of those who point by APPS E-TM47 like me and who therefore never show up for immigration for the 90 Days no worries but it is absolutely necessary to update your book bank at least once a month even if you have more than 800 000 bahts .... see more than 10 times this amount e balance they have nothing to <deleted> !!!
At the time of renewal they check the bookbank even if you have a statement of monthly details and the bank letter (this was my case)

The case of those who export their monthly pension to 65 000 baht / month is the same!

Locking deposit lock is now fully operational, no offense to some.

And for those who recovers the certificate of income in Consulate who do not have to justify a pension notification with its amount do not make any illusion ...
Because the text of the immigration also provides that it can ask you a statement of bank account proving that you provision well regularly your pension in monthly
on the Thai account
every thing in his time 😉

Wear well 😉
and Welcome to the new world of the kingdom of Thailand

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Where are you seeing the requirement to update your book every month?


At least your immigration office are being (fairly) clear in what they want.


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If this be true, it means Thai immigration is not finished with turning the screws to keep expats anxious about their continued wellbeing in the kingdom.


Couple immigrations constant tweaking of long stay requirements with the rising baht, rising healthcare costs, and having to fight daily corruption...what do you have? 


A perfect scenario for Thai apologists to step in and save the day.  I can hardly wait...😊


Popping corn here...

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23 minutes ago, Puchaiyank said:

Si cela est vrai, cela signifie que l’immigration thaïlandaise n’est pas finie avec la volonté de garder les expatriés inquiets de leur maintien dans le royaume.


Les immigrations de couple modifient constamment les exigences de long séjour avec la hausse du baht, la hausse des coûts des soins de santé et la nécessité de lutter contre la corruption quotidienne ... qu'est-ce que vous avez? 


Un scénario parfait pour les apologistes thaïlandais pour intervenir et sauver la journée. Je peux difficilement attendre...😊


Popping maïs ici ...

why so say if it is true !!!
since I show you the reality on my last passage for extension last October 11th
Moreover, I have statements of more than 10 times the amount required, which is not prevented from worrying me to peel all my documents certified by my bank finding even a lack of translation in the descriptive sum of my assets and forcing me to return to the bank to redo a letter of certification despite the sums appearing on the statements and the book bank *
the postmaster who has always signed my extension told me that I no longer have this power and that the files were peeled by the supervisory officer

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1 hour ago, Crossy said:

Où voyez-vous l'obligation de mettre à jour votre livre tous les mois?


Au moins, votre bureau d'immigration est (assez) clair sur ce qu'il veut.


Every 3 months shall be shown during TM47 90 days processus with the sold the last 3 months have been say to me because I do not use my book bank officer say you must to do and shown the solds for each last 3 months I you do not do you can not prouve the sold is still 800 000 bahts ( every months past and after next 3 months no less of 40 000 bahts every months  !!!!!  Never i go to immigration for TM47 90 days  I use APPS e-TM47 and e-TM30 finally can not control me if I have still 800 000 bahts after extension and 400 000 bahts the rest of the year !!!! 



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4 hours ago, SPREX said:

I use APPS e-TM47 and e-TM30 finally can not control me if I have still 800 000 bahts after extension and 400 000 bahts the rest of the year !!!! 

The'll catch you on your next yearly extension.:wink:

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Ready done Sir ! and during may extension the problem was coming Big money proved in my bank !!! Immigration say You have to update your book bank every month to avoid any doubt we want to see the last 3 months sold balance  and after extension to show your book bank every 3 months with sold by the 3 month past during 90 days If you use e-TM47 becare do not forget to up date one time per Months you book bank 

  You understand ????? 

E-TM47 90 days Approved 

https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwg9ad7klkd6lhv/e-TM47 90 day Approved.PNG?dl=0

E-TM47 90 days Next reporting date 

https://www.dropbox.com/s/vamus4dg620b94p/e-TM47 90 Receipt next Process date .PNG?dl=0

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OK, but if one is on a retirement extension yet leaves the country for a few days every time just before the 90 day report is due, then no 90 day report is due.  So in that case, one would not be filing any 90 day reports and consequently no bank book status.  So then what?  Are the Thais now really going to force every long stay expat to show something to somebody at some time and very often show the monthly income transfers? 

Sounds like the officials don't trust that the expat will really show transfers for the next xxx months up until the time for a extension renewal?

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6 minutes ago, gk10002000 said:

D'accord, mais si l'un d'entre eux est sur le point de prendre sa retraite, quitte le pays pendant quelques jours à chaque fois, juste avant l'échéance du rapport de 90 jours, aucun rapport de 90 jours n'est dû. Donc, dans ce cas, on ne produirait aucun rapport sur 90 jours et, par conséquent, aucun statut de livret bancaire. Alors quoi? Est-ce que les Thaïlandais vont maintenant forcer tous les expatriés à montrer quelque chose à quelqu'un à un moment donné et montrer très souvent les transferts de revenus mensuels? 

On dirait que les officiels ne croient pas que les expatriés vont vraiment montrer leurs transferts pour les xxx prochains mois jusqu’au moment du renouvellement de l’extension?

f you left the realm before the TM47 reporting the officer will see on the PIbCIS IN-OUT Immigration database and will not ask you for your bank up date book and the movement records with the bank's certification letter
if you make a TM47 score you will have to show your bank up date between the present period is easy enough to understand !!!!
If you come to make an annual extension the book bank will have to be up date before your visit the same day from this date there will be the duration of absence of not updated which will correspond with your IN-OUT but the solder will have to to be well of 800 000 baht !!!!!

I do not see your assumptions, I'm just reporting what happened to me and the document that was put in my passport with verbal explanations from the postmaster
I look forward to seeing how they will handle the control of the famous embassy certificate ........
A person already testifies that immigration for the first time in 10 years told him that his income certificate was insufficient and that he had to buy his account of the regulatory amount
The poor man was forced to pay his 800,000 baht cash on his account the officer told him he had to keep them 3 months after no less than 400,000 baht
For the visa NOT O family the sum of not less than 400 000 baht must be indicated or the proof of 65 000 X 12 on the bank

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