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Maids in shock as they discover wrapped corpse at Bangkok hotel - but why is the policeman smiling?

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because he thinks it is his farang brother in law and now he gets the house.

OP asks, why is the policeman smiling?.... Answer because he is a sicko. Same as a few members on here they get some kind of kick about dead people.

Tut tut Colin, did you just reply after reading the headline ???

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29 minutes ago, DannyCarlton said:

Read the OP. "No dead people were used in the making of this story".

I did read the OP, and still say the same, what he did was bloody stupid, and he could have killed someone through shock.

Before you dismiss that, a similar stunt was pulled a few years ago in the UK and a man died of shock.

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There are hundreds of photos involving policemen smiling in from of a murder scene and a corpse. But this was just an Halloween joke to scare the maids,

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