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PM to assume sole responsibility for Chatree gold mine issue

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My understanding is that Thailand is for Thai's. Farang can not own land. So, how can Australians take Thai gold?  That gold is part of the Thai land, Australians (farang) are not allowed. The original Thai's that let Australia take the most precious portion of a large section of land, should do time in prison.  All Thai gold should be sent back to Thailand.

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1 hour ago, IAMHERE said:

 All Thai gold should be sent back to Thailand.

Yes, it should. Sent back directly to the Responsibility Taker. By Thailand Post, which is handling 8Mio parcels a day.

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8 hours ago, rhyddid said:

Excellent Choice, Well Done PM Prayut Chan-o-cha, Humans life and Environment before corporate or state  profit !

Well, he could have dealt with it like a civilized person, but his style is to go in gun blazing.  The civilized way would have been less harmful for all.  He acted and acts like a tinpot, not a statesmen, so Thailand will pay the price for his recklessness. 

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