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Ya Dong: Many suffer health complications after "toad extract case"

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Ya Dong: Many suffer health complications after "toad extract case"
Picture: Sophon Cable TV

The Thai public health department in Chonburi has given further details after 12 people were admitted to hospital in the province. 


It was reported earlier they had taken the Thai medicinal drink "Ya Dong" that was laced with extract of toad.


The authorities confirmed that four of the dozen admitted had been in a serious condition. Three have now been allowed home. 


One died. 

Picture: Sophon Cable TV

The public health department investigation pointed the cause of the problem to the ingestion of methanol and cyanide. 


This caused heart and kidney problems. Patients also were treated for high acid in the blood and mineral fluctuations. 


Sophon Cable TV reported that regulation of Ya Dong shops in the province and elsewhere falls under the jurisdiction of the excise department but that the public health department were warning the public to be careful what they ingest. 

Source: Sophon Cable TV
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-10-31
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To make it they stuff a bottle with some "botanicals" and tree bark/dried plant matter, then top up with Lao Khao. Some seeds and plants contain cyanide in small amounts. The methanol probably comes from poorly produced home-brew Lao Khao. Seems popular around these parts.

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