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Rajapruek vs. Bangkok HospitalKhon Kaen?

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Rajapruek vs. Bangkok Horespital Khon Kaen?

Anyone have any recent experience who can compare Bangkok vs. Rajapruek Horsepitals in Khon Kaen?

Tks, lah!

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Obviously the doc is important, very important. But don't you think the nursing and support staff, the surroundings and the generally the way you are treated by staff make a difference?

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I've used Rajapruek for the last five years and found them to be Good depends on your sickness. Prices for care (seeing Doctor) and med's are cheap compared to where I am from in the U.S. For anything serious, I go back to the states for a second/third opinion. Just saying!! For specific's PM me with your local cell and we can chat.     ;-) 



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Hasn't the Ratchaphruek Hospital a fairly new building? (one or two years old). So I wouldn't expect a lack of comfort/cleanliness.


A mate (seriously ill) visited the Bangkok Hospital a couple of times.

Of course nursing/services are good BUT he still had problems to see some doctors before 5 PM (after they finish at the University).

Refer to this:

6 hours ago, Sheryl said:

And not unusual for the same doctor to be at more than one hospital.

Thailand and Isan in particular have a dire need for qualified doctors.

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