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Woman driver who killed two in Chiang Mai gets suspended sentence, pays damages

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I drive on the Canal road in CM almost daily since I live in San Patong. The shoulder is often used during rush hour but at many intersections, the shoulder is also a Right turn lane. The accused in the black car was wrongly in the turn lane, going straight, right turns are permitted on the right lane as well, though a prudent driver would never do that. Driving here, you need to be prepared for literally almost anything to happen and leaving yourself open to turning across another car or motorbike in your blind spot is adding to the already dangerous road conditions.

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It’s not a value of a life, just compensation to place responsibility and ease the pain of loss. Something that happens all over the world. Why do westerners constantly overthink things here to suit

Disgusting. Only about money for the deceased's family. Surely the authorities have a duty to punish reckless driving harshly as it is (or should be) a key component in reining in potential bad d

In any developed country it would have been 'Causing death by dangerous driving' and she would most likely recieve a sentence of 5-7 years in Jail for causing the deaths of two innocent people !

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5 hours ago, Derek B said:

Road safety is not all about a driver's ability alone. If a bridge is built sooner or later for whatever reason what passes over the bridge may end up falling off the bridge so the inclusion of a sound barrier would make a lot of sense. In this case a lesson sadly learnt which one would hope the authorities pick up on. Having said that most of the bridges passing over the Chiang Mai moat just have a high kerb. This incident took place where a concrete structure just crumbled.

I still think you have missed the point. If you are going to quote certain road constructions in Thailand as a safety hazard then I'm sure members here will give examples. Indeed, on earlier threads there have been pictures posted of roads built around things, lack of lighting of work in progress etc. Therefore the mindset is already established that the onus is one of laying the responsibility, of avoiding such dangers, with the driver. But that is another story and here it is the inadequacy of the justice system to apply appropriate punishment for reckless driving that is being discussed.

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On 11/1/2019 at 8:43 AM, MadMuhammad said:

It’s not a value of a life, just compensation to place responsibility and ease the pain of loss.  

That’s exactly what price of life means.

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