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Doi Inthanon National Park: no Thai price with pink ID card anymore

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Regional differences ... In 2013 the two national parks near us had signs up clearly stating 'Thai ID card' only for the lower price. 

For the ticket sellers, and remember it's not their decision, would have made their job easier. No foreigners waving driver licences (never understood that argument, it's a driver licence, nothing more) or work permits

We still go often to Namtok Phliu, 200 b (for me) is a bargain for all the place offers, great for our family day out.

Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia also have similar reduced prices for locals, we travel often and don't complain about their price structures.


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Parks in and around CM were iffy with foreigners with Thai licenses 10+ years ago. Would be surprised if this were a new thing with Inthanon. On another note, folk may recall gaining free entry through the 'back door' (coming from MHS) many moons ago, and cheap digs with hardly any people in them. Them were the days. I hate change :crying:

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20 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

That's why I walk away if I think the "premium" is too high, although I prefer to call it price gouging.

Permit me to doubt the vast majority of rural Thais fund national parks. How would they do that, when they don't have income tax?

They collectively fund them,

Some have more money and Pay more taxes, others have less money and pay less taxes , and then there are those who have so litle that they pay no taxes at all,  such as the rural folks to are referring too.But they are all Thai and to the extent that they can contribute, taxes is not the only way a person contributes to their country. 

  But  I am sure none of the ones who have a lot of money wish they had less so they can pay less taxes.

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