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data sim card - 6 months

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Coming to Thai next week for 6 months. Last trip someone local got me (on Lazada) a 6 month pre paid data sim with a separate number(Tru) for 300 baht plus tax, data limit was 300 gb (200 + 100 Youtube,FB/Line TV) and the speed was 1mbps which was ok for me . no extra charges and calls to other Tru users were free. I just cant make sense of the Lazada website *at all* and i want to give a link to a friend to buy for me so its there when i get there next week . Can anyone see the most appropriate and cheapest for what i want as per last year? my phone number is with Tru but i guess as its a seperate card(dual sim phone ) i could use any network for the data. to get me thru 1st week i was maybe going to do tru code but they are expensive versus the longer terms deals(*900*1973#1 is  107 baht for a week 1mbps- anything better?).

Calls- I tended to do a calls package seperately(90baht for 200 mins) but maybe theres a good deal out there for data and calls too(although i dont need that many mins per month) thanks all .

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you might want to have a read here


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