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trying to buy a condo under 1000000

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I did the biggest mistake where I passed a crazy offer 7 years ago for a 46 sq, m appartment for 750000......that was the biggest mistake of my life.....

i loved the place, it was amazing....

is there still something like that possible, 40 sq m for under 1 million? But not is balana suannana or what is it called....

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There are pros and cons to renting vs. owning.  For some, renting works best.  For me, the pros of owning far outweigh the cons.  I have the owner mentality and renting is not for me.  I would own eve

I wish you the best buying your dream property, but is than not rather small?   Fine for a 4 week holiday, 40sqm? Wow! Your living room most likely will incorporate your kichen plus front do

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Depend on yours requirments

but yes of course it's still possible

i know some around 800 000\900 000

in a pretty well build and maintened condo but it's not a new one

and it's not beautiful from the outside.

Big swimming pool but no gym.

MP if you are interested

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nirun condos and jomtein condotel have plenty for sale in that price range


careful though, some buildings like jomtein condotel dont have the usual facilities for living, for example laundry machines, and are setup to fleece foreigners with expensive on site food and services normally reserved for people on vacation.


this seems to be a particular problem in pattaya where many condos are 'set off' by themselves from surrounding neighborhoods, most likely to keep people in or just because land was cheap there. they all offer these deceptively cheap rooms with many units always for sale.

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only baan suan lalana alwaays the cheapest.....it is in weird location too.....and you have to look from the balcony straight to your neighbour appartment.....

i like pattaya plaza, old, but affordable appartments....and sound prooof rooms....

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There are a few condo complexes in the soi arunotai area, have a look down the soi. The problem with these places is a bit run down, mostly thais living there, miserable looking. I had a look at one, miserable looking and a dimented older american shouting and everyone ignoring him, didn't make me want to live there

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