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trying to buy a condo under 1000000

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There are pros and cons to renting vs. owning.  For some, renting works best.  For me, the pros of owning far outweigh the cons.  I have the owner mentality and renting is not for me.  I would own eve

I wish you the best buying your dream property, but is than not rather small?   Fine for a 4 week holiday, 40sqm? Wow! Your living room most likely will incorporate your kichen plus front do

I buy a condo here, the rent I save is equivalent to a 6% return. I save my money instead, buy an Australian bank share or other bluechip for a grossed-up return of 7%. Or I get 6-10% return in the pe

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8 hours ago, parafareno said:

nirun i am not touching.....looks like a horror movie.....but what condotel are you talking about?

your going to compromise or raise your offer.


not many places in that price range with unobstructed views (ie no neighbors window) in walking distance to central.


all these resorts off in jomtein seem to have units for sale people are looking to unload, likely chinese flippers. walk in and there are usually posters up in the lobby. usually a reason people dont want to be there long term though.


maxx city is probably what your looking for. units are new and nice, good location, abeit sterile. even has fingerprint entry. sales office in house, they are over 1 mill though. no telling how good it will look in 5 years. starts at 1.5 mill. seems very reasonable as i saw units and its all new. it neighbors nirun.

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As previous posters have said, look around Pattaya Klang, Arunotai, Big C area. The older condos are larger with lower maintenance fees. Some here don't like Nirun, but the big building has some nice renovated rooms. The hallways are dark and dated but the renovated rooms look nice. 2 pools at Nirun. You can try Maxx Central, it has rooms for sale, but I'm not sure it is a registered Condo in the land office, it claims to be a condotel. 9 Karat condo has finally got new management and things are improving many issues have been resolved; new pumps, new elevators, has a huge pool, have a look, some rooms near your price range.

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1 hour ago, parafareno said:

nirun pissing stories keeps me away for miles.....no way not even going to look at it....

i have lived at nirun and i can dig it getting depressing, esp if your retired and pensioning.


fat old dudes, sometimes even in their underwear kept coming out to the elevators with hookers when i lived there, escorting them out after a session i suppose.


a lot of older foreigner guys, mostly europeans, have lost self control of their lives and hole up there. they have long hair, lots of body hair, not really kept in the hygiene dept  kind of let themselves go, probably alcohol plays a major 


the hookers seemed to feed on their misery in a way, like they were being slowly preyed on and sucked dry. some weird vibes there.


it works if you have other things going on, and its not a final stop and you can sort of just do your own thing whilst remaining removed from the scene, if thats possible for you.


is it worth the money saved? probably not, if you can afford not to.

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