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Overstay: American English teacher fell for Thailand and wouldn't go home

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What a loser.


How irresponsible. If he could actually teach and was willing to move he could be working, stay with his gf, be legal, have pocket money.


He applied across the street. Lol, now that's motivation!!


Thai kids see enough of this lot. Move him on.

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Poor guy, bad timing. Or maybe he just got lazy. All he had to do was start hitting up the schools:

1) In February-March, before the Songkran break.

2) In August-September, before the midterm break.

Somebody always needs a teacher, since there's always a teacher changing schools or quitting.

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5 hours ago, bristolgeoff said:

He is going now and who grassed him up.who did he upset for that phone call

His relatives from USA were concerned not seeing him back and started research through USA embassy in Thailand, and they asked Thai Police that once input a passport nr. In the system can find out if he still in the country and went to search him at last adress he gave officialy, of course at that point they have to arrest an overstayer

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25 minutes ago, jobsworth said:

yet another example of how an embassy is not there to help its citizens but to prosecute them.

how times have changed.




The Embassy is not prosecuting him.


That's what Embassies are for.

His relatives asked the Embassy for help in locating him as he didn't go back to the UK.

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