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Overstay: American English teacher fell for Thailand and wouldn't go home

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The hairy lasso claims another one.

How can an American teach English. They neither speak nor write English.

Follow the rules and Thailand will love you also!   😊

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21 hours ago, webfact said:

The media said that relatives of the man had contacted the authorities after they were concerned for his wellbeing.

So his family contacted the US embassy who then contacted Thai authorities, who then did some research and rooted him out.  While their intentions may have been good, they sure did not help the guy! 

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On 11/4/2019 at 2:49 PM, samsensam said:


his relatives are concerned for his well being, this is surely not a topic for frivolity.

Sounds like he fell off the radar as he was on overstay and thus his family contacted the Embassy, who then contacted immigraton. 

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On 11/4/2019 at 6:58 PM, IvorLott said:


I dislike this kind of topic as it brings out the worst in this forum, usually exposing the users as far more heinous. bitter, losers than the subject matter. In this case, certainly seems to be the case. I'm surprised no one has yet called for his instant deportation, after ten years in prison.


I actually feel a little sorry for the bloke. He's really at that sort of 'crossroads' age, possibly spent his earlier years scraping around for a niche in life, only to finally find one in Thailand at totally the wrong time. He's young enough to see out his 3 year ban (?) and hopefully use the time to get qualified, to use what he's learned and then come back and be of some benefit.

For a 7 month overstay, if he'd have turned himself in he would have "Only" got a 1 year ban but as he was apprehended & arrested by Immigration he'll get a 5 year ban...

  • Overstayed more than 90 days – 1 year ban from Thailand
  • Overstayed more than 1 year – 3 year ban from Thailand
  • Overstayed more than 3 years – 5 year ban from Thailand
  • Overstayed more than 5 years – 10 year ban from Thailand
  • Overstayed less than 1 year but apprehended and arrested – 5 year ban from Thailand
  • Overstayed more than one year but apprehended and arrested – 10 year ban from Thailand
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On 11/4/2019 at 2:44 PM, hugh2121 said:

How can an American teach English. They neither speak nor write English.

Knowing how to speak English doesn't mean one can teach that language well to second language learners.


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On 11/4/2019 at 5:52 PM, Gecko123 said:

"English teacher" is a compound noun. A compound noun is a noun that is made up of two or more words. "American" is being used here as an adjective to modify the compound noun "English teacher."

Without a comma, he is a person teaching American English. No degree, no money.. loser.  No shame for the school that hired someone, who is an unqualified criminal. 

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What the United Stated Department of State, it embassies and consulates are permitted to share about a US citizen over seas is strictly limited by long standing laws and procedures. These limits also very much apply to family members who have not been given prior approval for such information. This is a fact of law designed to guard our most basic civil and human rights that could be quite possibly threaten while travelling overseas.

I find this story about this "American teacher" falling in love with Thailand and refusing to go home very suspicious. It claims that this "Teacher" was tracked down; and only afterward, it was discovered that he overstayed his visa by seven months. Allegedly, this all happened as a result of family members, back home, contacting the US Embassy in Bangkok, out of concern for his well being!

There is an estimated eight to ten million American citizens living over seas. Is there a man-hunt every time a family member contacts a US Embassy out of some percieved threat to someones safety and well being while travelling?

Again, the Department of State is obligated not to share information regarding its citizens to individuals or even to foreign governments; even those government regimes that came to power as a result of a military coup de te, with or without the help and blessing of the United States, that ultimately degenerated into an @#$#@$ state.

Respect for the choices and dignity of the most common person is the highest mark of a democratic state. Ignoring or fudging the rules, laws, and procedures, behind the scene, that are designed to safeguard these rights of the average person as a result of self perceived social and/or professiinal status or superiority is a common fault of the least democratic.

Which one of the two governments should receive a higher mark in handling the private affairs of this common American citizen? Why was this story covered by local media in the first place?

Watch your backs everybody, don't be betrayed by patronizing, well intended family and/or state looking out for only your best interests!

I can just hear the Thaivisa Old timers with thousands, if not tens of thousands of posts, howel and scream now! Come on boys, don't let the reputation of the Thaivisa forum down!

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