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How can you afford to live in Thailand?

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Just read about an English teacher overstayed mine months and facing deportation. I hear many young people here with Visa problems and yet so desperately want to stay in Thailand, and many who have been living here for years without a proffer visa indicate that they were without a job. Understand Thailand is an affordable living compare to developed countries, but there still are living expenses to pay. 

I am genuinely curious. Please enlighten me. 

Thank you.

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1 hour ago, bkk6060 said:

Work in your home country for over 30 years.

Get a fantastic retirement.

Come here and live a great life with plenty of dough to spare.

Seems life trying to work here and not or barely getting by, is not a good plan or a good life.

And then those life savings are stolen/lost through love....

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15 minutes ago, Eye4you said:

But how can you afford a Yaris or Scoopy when you don't have a paying job?


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