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Correct Thai translation of "Computational Neural Systems"

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The Thai office of primary education is requiring me to get my university transcripts translated into Thai and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to be approved to homeschool my children.  While this is a ridiculous requirement to begin with, it becomes even more absurd when trying to find someone who can do the job.  My degree is from Caltech in "Computational Neural Systems", a cross between physics, biology, EE and computer science and dealing with artificial intelligence based on neural networks. I can not find a single person who knows how to translate this into the Thai language. 


Can anyone suggest an appropriate translation for "Computational Neural Systems?"


Google translated it as:  ระบบประสาทการคำนวณ


Which is ridiculous, as the degree has absolutely nothing to do with ระบบประสาท, or the nervous system.


Would anyone care to take a stab at it?



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It is a pity that it doesn’t make any sense in English even when it is explained, rather like the translation of the SIM card deal earlier. 

However there is plenty in David’s reference to be getting on with.  

Why not call it something which Thais will accept ปริญญษตรีทางประสาาทวิทยา (CNSs) or ปริญญษตรีคอมพิวเตอร์วิทยา (CNSs) 

You will be stuck with what you choose but hopefully it is close enough. There are so many faux degrees about now that only older people question anything! 


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