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Views of my profile!

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These days people use their smartphones to access the internet. It often happens that because the screen is so much smaller than a desktop people accidentally tap on a posters name rather than wh

AND it doesn't show when we Mods visit, and we can see EVERYTHING right down to your DNA !!! mwahhahahaha........😄

3,868 for me, but most of those are just ex girlfriends ☹️

2 hours ago, edwardandtubs said:

Maybe there curious,becoz of Ur bazaar righting style.........and the inexplicable sign of at ,the end of you're posts.

regards Edwardandtubs

Maybe Edward,who knows,but curious is good.

kind regards worgeordie

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Well if you have some hottie busties in your profile views, all I can say is go for it....but beware it could be a pot bellied tatooed <bu***r behind the computer (and not Miss Air Asia 2019 as per the profile photo) 🤣

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