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Fake silicone fingerprints used to get tourists into condo block, claim angry residents

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

bypassing security systems. 


Maybe replace security system...?

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4 hours ago, impulse said:

If I rented a room online and found out that I needed a fake fingerprint to get in, I think I'd find somewhere else to stay.

you would think eh? cheap ass tourists lol..

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18 minutes ago, bangkokequity said:

IF (Big If) it is true that fake fingerprints can defeat scanners ... this is a game changer for many, many systems ... Office buildings, airports, condos ... front doors on SO many places!  Mind boggling.  


But the first thing you need is for someone with authorized fingerprints to allow you to make a silicone copy.  And to be responsible for any time the copy is abused, because it's traceable back to them.  I don't think it's as dire as all that.


Or you can go the Mission Impossible way and take a copy while they're knocked out and sleeping...


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