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Exit And Return On 90 Day Extension

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I am British with a Multiple Entry Non O Guardian Visa based on supporting my Thai daughter.


The visa was obtained at the Thai consulate in London on 5th November 2018 and expired on November 4th 2019. 


I visited Australia for a week and returned to Thailand on 28th October (before my visa expired) and was given another 90 days which takes me up to January 29th 2020.


I need to visit Australia again for one week in a couple of weeks time. My questions are:


1) If I go out and come back in again does my 90 days stay until January 29th 2020 still remain current/unaffected?

2) Do I need to get a re-entry permit as my Non O multiple entry visa issued in London expired on November 4th?

3) If I do need a re-entry permit, can I apply at the airport (Suvanhabumi) when I am flying business class? I seem to recall from the past that there was a desk in the departure immigration hall for economy but not in the business class immigration departure hall? I want to avoid a trip to Chaeng Wattana.

4) Additionally on a separate note, can I apply for a 12 month extension during this 90 day period of stay being as technically my Non O visa expired on November 4th?



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1/2 You will need to get a re-entry permit to keep the remainder of your 90 day permit stay valid when you enter the country using it.

3. You can go to re-entry permit desk in zone 2 from zone 1 (priority departures). Just tell immigration what you want to do and they will help you do iit

4. You can apply for the one year extension of your 90 day entry during the last 30 days  of it. You will be extending your permit to stay not your your expired visa.

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