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Will USA 2019 1040 Ask About Health Coverage?

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Since they repealed the penalty for not having "proper" health insurance, AKA Obamacare rules, does anybody know if the 2019, 1040 form will still have the question asking about health coverage? 

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11 hours ago, skatewash said:

Thankfully, the answer is NO.  However, some states (Massachusetts and New Jersey) and the District of Columbia will have state penalties in 2019.  California and Rhode Island will have penalties in 2020.  If you don't live in one of those states there will be no questions about health care on income tax returns (state or federal).




Yes, I was just reading up on California since unfortunately, I am at the moment working in CA, albeit on salary with a big aerospace company and with health insurance so no immediate concerns as I am making sure I work into December so will have full year 2019 coverage.  But I am looking at the near future and getting really close to the final punch out for retirement.  So I am looking over insurance, how the two year income rule is applied to my first year Medicare B premiums, etc.



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