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Russian tourist dies after pulled from surf at Karon Beach

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1 hour ago, jak2002003 said:

What to you want them to do?  Close off the beach with fencing and have 24 hours security to stop anybody going in the sea?


There are red no swimming flags, massive signs warning of rip tides and the dangers of swimming there, yet some idiots still go in.  How is Thailand's fault?


What do I want of officials in a municipality that promotes itself as a beach, sun and sea destination? Lifeguards.... but not just people dressed up as lifeguards. I want those lifeguards to be fully trained to international standards... and I don’t think that that is much of an ask.


Thailand is at fault. The fault, very specifically, is negligence. Thailand should put some of those tourists dollars back into the tourist market, whilst there is still a tourist market to protect.


1 hour ago, jak2002003 said:

As an adult... and supposedly form a more educated and intelligent country (according to many posters on TV), the tourists must take some personal responsibility for their own safety and use their common sense and brain.  

The second part of your post is a doozy. This says more about you than about the deceased. Quick question. Who would know more about local sea conditions. A/ a trained local lifeguards .... or B/ a newly arrived tourist?


goodness me.... maybe every tourist should be issued a concealed weapon to better protect themselves from machete and gun toting taxi drivers... you know, to take on that personal responsibility for their own safety, that you seem to think should be required of them.



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