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Keep the calls coming - Swiss "Alien" arrested on 1,539 day overstay

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6 hours ago, Eligius said:

I take your point. But it's worse than 'racist': it is actually suggesting that we foreigners are not even human!!

Look up what the word "alien" means .

It means "belonging to a foreign Country"

You are getting the word mixed up with the film

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Note the disgustingly racist act of putting an 'alien' mask on the foreigner. How low can the media Authorities stoop in their insults?!   And all this encouragement - incitement - to s

Another way to teach the Thais to love the farang.  Kind of like an open hunting season on farang.  Put a target on our backs and see if a Thai can bag one. 

When there's a falang overstaying in your neighbourhood . Who you going to call ? Falang busters. When you see a falang up to no good.  Who you going to call ?  Falang busters When

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there should be a 500 baht report for reporting farang!!! and 500 baht fine if not reported!!!  then we will all get reported by everyone we see!!!  fun times.


1178   I just asked a farang to buy me a beer and he said no

1178   I just asked farang if he could drive me to BKK

1178   I just don't like this farang!!!!        


let the 1178 games begin.....

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52 minutes ago, Thaidream said:

It is completely racist to stereotype any person based upon race or ethnic background.  In essence- since all  Westerrners do not have Asian features- it is only Westerners who would be targetted.    Other Asians would never be looked at.

This is the only thing need to be commented in your post of total misleading information from a person that obviously do not know at all what it´s all about. It has nothing with racism to do. What is your problem?

This is something that has to do with that an overstayer is breaking the law. Please try to deny that with your weird and deluted fantasies.

Also other Asians would never be looked at? How many from Asian countries do you read about is found by Thai Immigration almost everyday? In other words you read about burmese, cambodian, chinese and other Asian nationalities same much as you read about other foreigners. Please also try do deny that.

After that you can come back and tell me if it´s racist or if it has to do with upholding the law?

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1 hour ago, Matzzon said:

Sure, Everything is going to be bad and dangerous. Huga! :cheesy:

The discussion is about reporting people breaking the law, not any other people are concerned. Something that all people should do like good citizens. The law is the law, and nobody have the right to decide what is more or less important regarding that book.


One can just hope this kapo mentality will get him far enough.

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31 minutes ago, sanemax said:

In the UK, we are taught on a street level , not to grass anyone up .

No one likes or trusts a grass/snitch

Are you also taught, that it´s good to have a pedophile as a neighbour?

Or maybe you are just taught that we can not say anything, because we must keep the lawbreakers at a steady predicted percentage.

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18 minutes ago, Thaidream said:

The real issue is not about  the term alien.  It is obvious from the picture what the Immigration Police think an alien is and who it applies to.


On the surface it looks like a 'joke'  but in reality it sends a wrong message to everyone.   This kind of stuff needs to be nipped in the bud.


I can remember when Darlie toothpaste was named Darkie toothpaste and showed the image of a black man in a top hat.  It was considered humorous by the Thai public and for years went unanswered until some black tourists came to Thailand and publically complained. They were offended and rightly so. The company changed the name and profile on the box.


I don't like the image being presented by this picture and I consider it offensive.  It smacks of stereotyping people (Westerners) as people who are not of this earth.  It's not funny especially when the Immigration Bureau is asking Thais to report the 'Aliens' and the Immigration Bureau are targetting everyone as potential overstayers and criminals.

Exactly, Thaidream. Some posters have misunderstood what we are saying: we are not particularly complaining about the noun 'alien' (which is indeed used to describe foreigners in other, Western, countries too): it is the use of an extra-terrestrial ('alien') face superimposed upon a Westerner's face. This is offensive, as it DOES suggest that Westerners are not really human but some sub-species or weirdo species.

I find the use of this image in this way quite bizarre and insulting. 


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9 minutes ago, Matzzon said:

Are you also taught, that it´s good to have a pedophile as a neighbour?

Or maybe you are just taught that we can not say anything, because we must keep the lawbreakers at a steady predicted percentage.

No, I wasnt taught that its good to have a pedophile as a neighbour (strange question, why do you ask) , we were just taught not to grass / snitch / tell tales .

  Odd that you mention nonces , as nonces and grasses are held in similar stature as each other

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29 minutes ago, emptypockets said:

I was a victim of racism from Thais whilst in Thailand for 12 years, each and every day!

As they say. If you say A you got to say B. can you please elaborate on that comment and tell what was so horrible? What happened to you, that gave you these scars for life?

And then comes they natural question. How did you stand that treatment for 12 years, and why did you self-inflict such enormuos pain on yourself?

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