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United Kingdom might not exist in a decade, half of UK citizens think - poll

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On 11/9/2019 at 11:43 AM, Number 6 said:

UK will absolutely exist. They will still be bickering over Brexit despite EU imploding in five years anyway.


 UK will be imploding , in under five years , if brexit happens.

         How many brit expats on Tvf return to their beloved UK homeland ?. 

     However that said , i still pay taxes to the UK Goverment ,  so sad ..



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What utter rubbish. Poll, poll and or poll.  What is the 4th Reich going to march in with its EU army?    Thank god for BREXIT and the people waking up. People are no longer dreaming th

If he stirs it well enough, a chef doesn't need to consume the entire pot of soup to know how it tastes.

What is it that so many find sacrosanct about the UK? It doesn't work well for anybody within it, whether they be English, Welsh, Scottish or Northern Irish. I believe that its dissolution would bette

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On 11/8/2019 at 6:50 PM, NightSky said:

Im a British citizen and tax payer and no one asked me for my opinion on this so called 'poll'


Its horse manure.




Horse manure is good for rhubarb but I honestly prefer custard with mine.

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Piers Morgan is highly effective. The lady was very good too.

What a bunch. Lucky he didn't get hold of Diane 'I sent my son to private school but now i'm going to ban them' Abbott.

How people don't see threw these typical say one thing do another hypocritical so called socialists is beyond me.

Oddsmaker have the Tories now at 1/14 on to win the most seats and 4/7 on to get a majority.

The marginals are complex and hopefully the Brexit party can take enough votes from Labour voters to let the Tory win.

Sterling spiked nearly 1% yesterday when Farage said he was stepping aside in 317 seats yesterday.

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13 minutes ago, Somtamnication said:

I have no problems with walls by Wales, higher Hadrian's Wall, a reunited Ireland and a free England. Good riddance.

If I had written something like that, I would be (rightly) castigated as being anti English; the SNP would be, once more, labelled (falsely) as a racist endeavour and my aspirations for my country would be likened to those of the Nazis pre-1939. Why, therefore, is sentiment such as yours tolerated?


Personally, I don't want any unnecessary barriers between your country and mine. I want that we foster a mutually cooperative, supportive relationship that ensures we all thrive as independent partners sharing the British Isles. 


But if we do end up with the enactment of your aspirations, will you allow the pipelines that will supply you with fresh water to traverse the wall, or shall we just start selling you Highland Spring at a ridiculous mark up?

England set to run out of water within 25 years - but Scotland has gallons going spare

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On 11/11/2019 at 1:27 PM, billd766 said:

Perhaps they will but it won't be instant.




Nobody has ever said that it would be instant, but unlikely to take very long as the majority of the requirements are already in place. Many countries are delayed by the need to meet EU legislation on infrastructure.

The only real question mark would be how the financial situation would appear after separation from the UK.

At this point in time there is a significant unknown, the EU perspective, they cannot make any comment as long as the UK is a member state. Particularly in respect to currency, many are hung up on the pound but there is no reason why Scotland could not adopt the Euro straight away, several countries outside the eurozone have monetary agreements to use the euro.

Once the UK is out of the EU the picture will become a lot clearer, the EU may well start to say publicly what could already have been said in private.


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