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Bilingual schooling planned to boost English proficiency

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14 minutes ago, cmarshall said:

Where will they get the teachers?

On the Subcontinent obviously, there there are as many English speakers as in the rest of the World.

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54 minutes ago, cmarshall said:

I am not making the assumption that the poor results to date have been due to the quality of the teachers, but an expansion of the English teaching program of this size is going to require a lot of additional manpower.  The first step would be to devise a recruitment plan.  Perhaps they have one, but since the article didn't mention it, I have my doubts.

I am suggesting that as the country is already awash with Filipino teachers it could be achieved with a little extra investment.


I agree entirely that the chances of such a plan existing are less than high.

EDIT: And apologies cmarshall.  I had not specifically mentioned that example, which was kind of central to my point.


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