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Bilingual schooling planned to boost English proficiency

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Where will they get the teachers?

"...a bilingual curriculum – in Thai and English – would be in place from kindergarten up at more than 2,000 district schools starting in academic year 2020."   If this prediction is as accu

Hope they do better than some of these private schools I've got grand kids that go to a school that advertises English in all classes and there's a sign when you drive in that says English only . They

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8 hours ago, Slip said:

This is entirely contrary to everything I have come to understand.  For example 15 years ago my school had 13 or 14 foreign teachers- 12 were NES.  Now they have 21- 6 are NES.  Is it not more a lack of 'qualified' native English speakers?

It seems that the private schools in Thailand have been churning out TEFL teachers from USA, UK, Canada etc and they don't seem to be able to get a job.


Maybe the city center has an oversupply of native speakers while the rural area is lacking them because most foreigners don't like to live in a rural area.


I can only say from my experience in the big city center and not elsewhere.

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